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PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

PET Preform Injection Molding Machine in China

PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

Dedicated design for PET preform injection molding
  • Dedicated Screw: Specially PET screw highly increases the plasticinzing speed and shot weight, lowers the plasticizing speed and show weight, lower the plasticizing temperature and AAvalue, also lower the shearing of preform while achieves better transparency.
  • Segmentary Models: Total 23 models for different shot weight and for deep cavity products. PET shot weight from 387 grams to 4975 grams for choice. Can choose the right machine according to exactly requirment and waste no more energy.
  • Increased ejector force and stroke: Push out preforms more fast and accurate.
  • Hot runner system interface: Professional design for PET preform molds and no more raw materials waste.
Fast and efficient

  • Fast Computer: Techmation controling system, which is easy for operation with strong expandability and can realize real-time synchronization control of machine and robot running.
  • Fast Injection: Accumulator with servo valve is adopted to control the injection, which makes the accurate shot;The synchronous plasticizing and injection ensures the application of big injection volume and shorten the
    circle time.
  • Fast mold open: Unique accumulator with servo valve for ejector and opening-closing mod hydraulic control
    system ensures the ejection and opening-closing mold movement stable, fast and accurate. This can protect
    the mold efficiently and match the requirement of take-out robot.
  • Fast Robot: Special designed high performance robot for preform taking–out is equipped with German
    SEW servo systerm, ensures the movement fast and stable, can provide 3 time cycle cooling outside the mold.
    The equipped ice water cooling system ensures the preform to be cooling down without stress.
  • Efficiency Hydraulic Circuit System: Accumulator with servo valve is adopted to control the injection accurately;
    Two-circuit hydraulic designs makes high speed and high efficiency, synchroniztion on plasticizing and
    opening-closing the mold to shorten the production cycle.
  • Synchronization pressure holding and plasticizing: Optional unit with pressure holding and plasticizing
    at the same time, which can increase the output by 15%~25%.
  • Branded controling system is adopted for injection, recovery, plasticization, mould clamping and ejection.
  • Closed-loop servo valves enables the machine to react fast and precisely to the PLC signals.
  • Branded servo driving systems ensure fast and accurate moving of the robot plate.
  • Energy Saving

    • Multiple differential circuits mechanism is used for hydraulic control of the machine, which reduces lost energy
    • Servo motro or variable pump is optional. Energy saved by 30%~50% with servo motor while 25%~45% with variable pump.
    • PET shot weight from 387 grams to 4975 grams machines to shoose for exactly requirments and waste no more energy.

PET350V/S ~ PET1200V/S

PET1205V/S ~ PET2105V/S

PET2200V/S ~ PET4500V/S

PET4505V/S ~ PET5050V/S

PET1200VH ~ PET-4500VH

cover of PET Preform Injection Moulding Machines Brochure

What you can get:

  • Main Characteristic for PET Series Preform Injection Machines
  • Main Technical Parameters of PET Series Preform Molding Machines
  • Platen Dimensions Details for all models of PET Preform Machines
  • Diagrammatic Map of High Speed PET Preform Production Line
  • A brief List of Auxiliary Machines for PET Preform Line
  • A Production Case for your reference

Note: The videos below is only parts of our projects, for more videos please visit our project videos` page.

PET-1500V producing PET preforms in 28 cavities


PET-4500S5 producing 5 gallon bucket in 4 cavities

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