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Medical Injection Molding Machine

Medical Injection Molding Machine Manufactured in China

Medical Injection Molding Machine

Specially optimized parts for medical injection molding machine:

  • Fully closed design with positive pressure laminar air flow device for finished products to keep this area clean.
  • Mold opening and ejecting synchronously, shortens the molding cycle and improves production efficiency.
  • Circulating lubrication system for clamping hinges, reduces the pollution of the lubricating oil and keeps the machine clean.
  • New material is used in self-lubricating sliding feet, which reduces the pollution of the lubricating oil.
  • Stainless steel plate is used in area of finished products, which separates the area from conveyer to avoid pollution for products.
  • Servo control system for oil & electricity, with fast response, high precision, and close-loop control hydraulic pressure & speed.
Description UNIT KE-258S6
International Size 2500-502
Clamping force KN 2580
Opening stroke mm 520
Max.daylight mm 1100
Platen size mm 800×760
Max. mold size mm 560×490
Max.mold thickness mm 580
Min.mold thickness mm 230
Ejector stroke mm 145
Ejector force KN 77
Screw diameter mm 46
Screw L/D ratio 24
Injection pressure Mpa 168
Shot volume cm3 299
Shot weight (PS) g 266
Injection rate g/s 368
Plasticizing capacity g/s 50
Screw stroke mm 180
Screw speed r.p.m. 350
Hydraulic pressure Mpa 17.5
Pump motor power KW 11+41
Heater power KW 17.7
Dry-cycle time Sec. 3
Oil tank capacity L 420
Machine weight Ton 8.2
Machine dimensions M 5.9×1.5×2.2
* Some data may updated without any notice

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What you can get:

  • Main Characteristic for Medical Instruments` Injection Molding Machines
  • Main Technical Parameters of Medical Instruments` Injection Machines
  • Platen Dimensions Details for Medical Instruments` Injection Machines
  • A Production Case (5ml syringe barrel) for your reference

Production of Ports for Plastic Infusion Bag in 48 cavities and in 17 seconds only per shot:

Powerjet JE-120 producing Medical Instrument Y-Connector in 8 cavities:

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