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Automatic Production Line of LED Bulb Components – Polycarbonate Diffuser

How to set up a automatic production line of the LED bulb diffuser. Setting up a automatic production line for the LED bulb diffuser is very complex. It will need many auxiliary equipment to work together and set up all the programs collectedly. In nowadays, you don`t need to know […]

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Runner Design in Plastic Injection Mold

in designing the runner, first-time we must consider items that affecting runner size, some of which – Volume of part, the greater the volume takes a larger diameter runners anyway. – Weight of part, the heavier parts, it takes a larger diameter runners. – Plastic materials, plastic materials with low […]

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Direct Circular Runner System and Direct Rectangle Runner System in Mold Design

Continuing previous post about sleeve ejector system in mold, now let’s learn how to choose runner layout, and lay outing the cavity and core: From picture above space that available for layouting cavity core is 40 mm X 40 mm, from those available space we must design effective and cheap […]

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Runner Balance Layout for 6 Cavity of Mould

Picture below shown layout model for 6 cavity product, star layout used to connecting 3 cavity, then connected again with straight line. distance between one cavity to another is same Top view 3D View because flow at nearest sprue is faster than other, although the distance from the branch to […]

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Runner System, Flowing Part of Plastic Injection Mold

After material injected by nozzle, runner systems will convey the molten material from the sprue to the gate. basic runner system consist of sprue, main runner, sub runner, cold slug, and gate. since the design of the runner system has large effect on molding quality, molding efficiency, cycle time, cooling […]

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How to Choose Types of Runner – Depends on Temperature Requirement

There are various concept and type of runner, here we will give explain about runner type depending on the temperature control, we could divide in 3 type : 1. Standard runner system 2. Cold runner system 3. Hot runner system standard runner system are directly machined into the mold plates […]

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Runner System and Construction`s Basic Knowledge

picture below show a simple runner system in mold construction, begin from nozzle until gate, nozzle for mold usually located in plate 1, plate 1 is upper plate,: when you design a runner system, basically like picture below, you must know location of product, is important when we decide where […]

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Plastic Injection Mold Part and Construction

Many type of mold in the platic industry but generally mold devide in 3 big section there are : Two plate mold Two plate mold basically when opening the product after plastic injection process mold just devide in two parts core side and cavity side, this type molding only have […]

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When we need slider parts in Mold Design

second previous post i have post about the slider parts and construction in complete mold base , then now i give a little brief when we need slider in mold design, basically we design mold from our customer, first is we must look the parts that we will make by […]

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Injection Molds Classification and Type and Constructions

Classification or types of mold injection very depend on what we need to make the plastic parts, because every parts have specific and unique design. when design molds we must see what the influencing factor like geometry, number of cavities, ejection principle, plastic material and shape of parts. The basic […]

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